Local Michigan Food Favorites

Spera Foods


Meet Hannah, owner of Spera Foods and maker of the famous Tiger Nut Granola that is nut free, and gluten free. Tiger nut flour is also amazing for pancakes and waffles. Find her at local farm markets and on Amazon. 

Cultured Love


Hand made with LOVE in Holland, Mi featuring specialty krauts. Every flavor is a MUST try. Their product is vegan and organic. Owner Jodie Krumpe has a passion for helping others restore their gut health with fermented foods. 

J&J Tortilla Co.


These tortillas are handmade and  use NO preservatives of any kind. They use certified organic ancient grains and sunflower oil from Traverse City, Mi that is cold-pressed and non-gmo. Find them at local farm markets and health food stores. The taste is fresh and amazing. Give them a try!

Farm Country Cheese


Farm Country Cheese has been around since 1983, producing a variety of yummy flavors to choose from. All the cows are grass fed, antibiotic free with no growth hormones. These cows are even milked by hand. The dill and garlic, onion are a house favorite!

Shady Side Farm


Wool dryer balls, handmade wool socks, grass fed lamb and fresh picked and dried beans. Shady side farm pays close attention to the health of their  soil, by encouraging natural biological processes that help to avoid pesticide use.

Moraine Park Farms


Local Beef, Pork and Lamb in a healthy sustainable manner, always antibiotic and hormone free. Tom Dykstra is known as the creator of the signature Michigan Craft Beef.