Work with Amanda

Personalized Wellness Plans

Through experience Amanda has found that her clients get the best results when making an intentional  commitment to their wellness journey, while also building a deeper and trusting relationship between client and practitioner.

Sessions include a blend of all Naturopathic and Integrative healing modalities she has learned and mastered over the years.

These include

- Full Body Assessments using Traditional Chinese Medicine, analyzing the tongue, face, nails, hair and skin


-Cranial Sacral Therapy

- Lymphatic Drain

-Lymphatic Facials

-Emotional Release, 

-Stress Reduction

-Herbal Remedies and personalized blends 


-Bach Flower Remedies

-Essential Oil Therapies

-Homeopathic Remedies

-Sub Clinical Lab Testing 

-Lifestyle Recommendations. 

Choose A Three or Six Month Commitment 


- One hour initial appointment

- One Hour Appointments monthly depending on your plan

- Evaluation and Assessment

- Personalized detoxification protocol 

- Food recommendations

- Meal planning support

- Food shopping guide

- Stress reduction techniques

- Body movement recommendations

- Personal nutrition plan

- Sleep support protocols 

- Email support 

- Goal planning and Coaching

$129.00 per month

Or upgrade your package to include monthly 50-minute Bodywork sessions 

$189.00 per month

After committing to a three or six month plan, follow up appointments are at a discounted rate


$89.00 per session after program is complete 


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