Amanda TenBrink NPH, IHP, LPC

Amanda TenBrink is a Naturopathic and Integrative Health Practitioner, providing custom based wellness services, products, and helping everyday clients to find empowerment and renewal.

My Passion


Amanda has always been a truth seeker, not always accepting what society, or the conventional medical community has said to be the way to achieve wellness. As a young adult she opened her eyes to the possibility that our body has the ability to heal itself when given what is needed. She believes God created our bodies with an innate wisdom that when supported properly will thrive. Amanda is passionate about educating and empowering others to become more aware that their daily habits affect their overall well being. 

On a Personal Level


A native to West Michigan, her husband, daughter, and she call Zeeland home.  Her favorite things to do involve, listening to podcasts, decorating, gardening, paddle boarding, yoga, pure barre, mountain biking with her husband, trying new foods, enjoying coffee shops and shopping with her daughter, and exploring new places. She has been a Cosmetologist since 1997, holds a Cosmetology Instructors license, has a degree from the School of International Ministry, is a 2018 elected Precinct Delegate, Certified Naturopath Practitioner obtaining her education from the Naturopathic Institute and Integrative Health Practitioner. Amanda is a Type A, Number 1 on the Enneagram , and ENFJ to sum it up.



Jen S

"My facial was more of a full body experience, that included a hand massage, foot soak, and foot massage. Amanda was laser focused on only me for the entire hour. She uses quality products that she's tested herself. Great attention to every detail. She has a gift."


Mariah S.

"Amanda is the most kind, open-minded, and judgement free person I know. She answered all my questions with honesty and referred me to resources when she didn't know something with certainty. She recommended new habits to my self care routine and encouraged me to discover my own wholistic living that worked for me. She sincerely cares about the wellbeing of others and follows up with me to check in and values communication. I have made changes in my lifestyle that have me feeling so much better thanks to her and I look forward to our continued connection."


Anne D.

"Since collaborating with Amanda in 2015, I take more ownership in my well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually. through diagnostics, discussion, guidance and counseling we build healthy practices formed personally for me. We evaluate and discuss varying therapies, practices, herbal and dietary supplements. Together we are constructing a healthy lifestyle process that I can grow and evolve with. I am extremely confident in Amanda's broad knowledge base, genuine kindness, experience, approachability and professionalism. "